Photography studio hire in Norwich.

780 square feet of relentless creativity. Yours to enjoy from just £110 per half-day, including colour backgrounds, Elinchrom lights, equipment and more…

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All the ideas, but no gear?

Perhaps, you need a space to practise, teach, photograph or record your creativity. Well, finally you can hire the Fanfare Photography studio from just £110 for half-day — and that includes all lighting equipment, paper backgrounds and more! .

Hire duration Price
Half day - 4 hours £110.00
Full day - 8 hours £220.00
Week – 5 days £800.00
More than a month Let's talk
Additional services
Get pro help with 1 hour assistance with studio/equipment set-up +£49.00

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Check out these available coloramas!

Standard 2.72 meters wide. Colours approximated.

Just so you know, there's a £10 per meter charge for soiled / damaged 'ramas.

Welcome to the studio.
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Photography Studio Hire Norwich - floor plan

All this stuff is included with your hire too…

We use mainly Elinchom lights and powerpacks, so if you're the same and want to bring your modifiers along too, that's cool.

Lighting Quantity
Elinchrom ELC HD Pro 500 2
Elinchrom X8 1
Elinchrom Ringflash 1
Elinchrom X6000N 2
Elinchrom S4000 3
Elinchrom 3000N 3
Elinchrom RX D-Lite 400 3
Elinchrom S2000 4
Elinchrom SCANLITE 1000W 5
Modifiers Quantity
Wide Reflectors 16cm 1
Spot Reflectors 21cm 1
450 hard box + honeycomb 1
90cm sq soft box 1
160cm Quadra soft box 1
66cm softbox 2
150 x 30cm strip box 2
2.2m White umbrella + diffuser 2
175cm Silver para umbrella + diffuser 2
30 x 175cm Stripbox Diffuser + Narrow Diffuser 1
S35 fresnel soft spot 1
Focusing spot integral 3000 head + gobos. 1
Mini spotlite + GOBOS 1
Tight honeycomb 5
Wide honeycomb 2
77cm Beauty Dish (white) + Grid + Sock 1
Extra Large White Umbrella 220cm (like parabollic) 2
Deflector Set - White, Gold, Silver 1
Scrim 3m x 2m Opal Acyrlic on wheels 1
Scrim 2.2m x 1.2m 1
Scrim 120cm on aluminum frame 2
8ft x4ft Black / white polyboard + stands 4
Snoot + Grid 2
Barn Doors 6
21cm Filter 10
150cm diffusion roll 1
Grip Quantity
C-stands 3m + Boom Arm 2
Cambo 7ft Saloon camera stand 1
Foba stands 8
Foba knuckles 4
Manfrotto Giraffe Boom 1
Manfrotto Boom 1
Manfrotto Heavy Duty Flexi-Arm 3
Manfrotto Video Head 1
Manfrotto Tripod 1
Gitzo Heavy Duty Tripod 1
Sandbags 4
Light Stands 14
Other stuff Quantity
Iron 1
Ironing Board 1
Steamer 1
Trestles 4
Clothes rail 1
Large Mirror 1
Hangers 20
Bluetooth HiFi 1
Fridge 1
Kettle 1
Power 25m Extension Lead 1
Floor Fan 2
Wind machine (air mover) 1

Studio ist hier!

Unit 6
Metcalf Close
Sweetbriar Road Industrial Estate

01603 336 796

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to hire a photography studio?
    It’s easier than you think, just select the dates and times you need, pay the deposit or full amount. We’ll confirm via email or SMS and you just turn up on the day and we’ll show you around.
  • What am I not allowed to do in the studio?
    Damage studio property, leave the place in a mess and disturb our neighbours. We’re surrounded by other businesses who need to interact with public to make their living too. Being “those guys” just isn’t cool, if you’re not neighbourly sadly, we’ll have to ask you to leave.
  • What happens if I go over my time?
    A little bit over here or there is ok if no-one else has booked the studio after you, but any longer than 10 minutes you’ll have to pay the equivalent of an hour’s studio hire. It’s unfair for others to wait around.
  • Is there an infinity cove at the studio?
    We don’t have an infinity cove in the studio as we like to be as flexible as possible with the space and lighting possibilities, we do have a large choice of colorama paper backgrounds. They’re included in your hire.
  • Can we photograph a vehicle in the studio?
    The studio is big enough to photograph a scooter / moped but not really big enough for much more than that, really.
  • Can I smoke in the studio?
    You cannot smoke in the studio unless it is part of a scene video or the element within the photograph and can demonstrate this if asked.
  • Can I bring props into the photography studio?
    Yes of course, we have roller shutter access to make it easier to bring in equipment.
  • Is there a shower in the studio?
    Sorry, no not yet.
  • What happens if I break something in the studio?
    Accidents happen. But If it’s photographic / camera equipment that you’ve hired from us—then you’ll need to provide your Public Liability / Public Indemnity Insurance details to begin a claim unless you’ve signed a waiver document, failing that you’ll have to pay the repair / replacement costs as per the terms and conditions.
  • Can I use gunge or slime in the studio?
    Can you clean it up afterwards without staining the floor? If so, then yes!
  • What’s the studio floor like?
    It’s a solid smooth concrete floor with a neutral grey finish. You can spill liquids and clean up easy.
  • Can I teach yoga, martial arts or anything other than video or photography in the studio?
    Sure, that’s fine—why not?!
  • What’s the photography studio best suited for
    The studio is great for portraits, group shots and small-medium sized products (which what we mainly use it for)
  • Can I photograph animals or pets in the studio?
    OMG! We love dogs! Yes you can use the studio for pet photography, just as long as you can clean up after you’ve finished.